k.d. rae is Katherine Diemert, an illustrator and designer based out of Toronto, Ontario. 

Katherine develops ideas into fresh illustrations, designs, and interactive projects for people and organizations that are unconventional and visionary. She uses a combination of analog and digital tools to create her work, mixing unique imagery with various processes to create works that push the envelope.


  • (2015) Shaw Media Silver Award of Excellence
  • (2014) Shaw Media Award
  • (2014) Honourable Mention 3x3 No.11
  • (2014) Runner-Up Creative Quarterly 36


  • (2017) Pen10, Group Show hosted by Pyramid Attack
  • (2015) Whirlygigs, You Me Gallery
  • (2015) Colour War, Sheridan Illustration Graduating Class of 2015 Show
  • (2014) Dolce Dieci, alumni of BA Illustration Italy Trip (Sheridan Gallery, Holcim Gallery)
  • (2014) Spin Cycle, Toronto International Bicycle Show
  • (2014) Animystics, Light Grey Art Lab
  • (2013) Great Personalities, Light Grey Art Lab

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